Run an event

WHERE can I compete?

The events promoted on the touchtennis website carry ranking points, prize money and contribute towards a players’ ‘touchtennis’ world ranking. Regardless of what your tennis background, anyone can sign up and be allocated a world ranking & enter a tour event. How many other places can you play against ATP and WTA ranked players on a sunday?! The minimum age for competitiors at tour events is 16.

If you want to run a points tournament at your own venue then a simple email to touchtennis with the date and venue will suffice. You must guarantee a minimum of £25.00 in Prize money for small events. We put the tournament on the events page and registered players simply sign up and pay your paypal account.  When you run a tour event, you charge entry fees of between £6.00 and £15.00 When running small events £2.00 per player is returned to touchtennis. This money is used to maintain the site, the sport and its ranking system. We produce the draw, arrange the seeding and enable online entry for tournament organisers.

If you would like to know more about playing the tour or are a venue interested in hosting a tour event, contact touchtennis at 

The format for Points and Prize Money at touchtennis World Tour events is as follows:

If playing the tour is not for you, but you would like to play for fun, why not compete locally or even internally at your own place to play. Any club or park site can easily set up and run a touchtennis competition for all ages and abilities, where ranking points and prize money is not essential – see the basics of running your own event below:

WHY should we run a touchtennis tournament at our own venue?

The game can be played with a mix of beginners and professional tennis players as the small court, mini rackets and sponge balls eliminate the need for power

It's great way to bring different groups of members together in a fun based competition, usually lasting a few hours. An event can be run on existing mini tennis courts or one full tennis court can easily be used to set up four touchtennis courts.

WHAT do you need to run a touchtennis tournament?

You can use mini tennis nets or barrier tape for the nets and you can mark out the lines with masking tape or throw down lines. The rackets are 21” long and the balls are 8cm foam balls. It’s possible that your coach will have lots of the equipment required to run a touchtennis tournament. For official events you must use the official balls by touchtennis or the event can't be included on the tour. There are vast differences between sponge balls and we try to level the playing field by using the same ball at all events.

HOW do you score in a touchtennis tournament?

The scoring format for Official Tour events which carry points is the following:


3 sets of first to 4 games decided by a tie break to 5 points if the players reach 4 games all. A set must be won by 2 clear games (4-2, 5-3 etc....whilst this seems obvious you'd be amazed how often people think 4-3 has won the set, or 3-3 is tie break time!). 


The same as singles but the 3rd set instead of being first to 4 games is a Match Tie Break. In other words you play a tie break to 10 points with the winner decided by the first to reach 10 by a clear margin of 2 points.

All tournaments are a straight knockout draw.

Can I generate some income for myself or my venue?

Apart from setting a date, booking the courts, inviting the members and promoting your event, there is very little work involved in running your touchtennis event; you could also get help from some young leaders and competition organisers. Most venues will have existing mini tennis red kit; 21 inch rackets, sponge balls and mini nets, so no need for start up costs. As mentioned before, an event with 16 players on four touchtennis courts (one full tennis court) will probably last a maximum of 2 hours. If you charge each player £5 to enter, you generate £80 – this could pay for some prizes, pay for the organiser or simply go into club funds. Additional income could be generated from a social event alongside; family BBQ or drinks promotion.

Laying out touchtennis courts can be done in several ways. Masking tape is an easy one, throwdown lines or even using a bandage type material (that stretches and you pin down with soft plastic tent pegs) will do on grass. In the early days of touchtennis we used down marking spray cans to mark out the lines on grass. This works well and comes off within a couple of weeks. 

A word of advice, when measuring out a court get a minimum length 6 metre measuring tape or you'll be there all day! 

Below is an example of how you can lay out touchtennis courts at your tennis club where you're utilising some of the lines to give you a reference point;

Website : beachshore