PTR Coach Garrett Leal Reigns Supreme

Sunday 5th May 2013

Garrett Leal Hilton Head & Shoulders Above The Rest

Despite Andy Dowsett flying over from England and local Masters organiser Larry Haugness in the field, Garrett Leal & David Panconi made the final with Panconi only just coming up one match short of the $50.00 prize.

24 players battled it out indoors at Van Der Meer sheltering from some unseasonably bad weather outdoors. But Garrett showed up and made it rain.

Paul Allam the organiser went on to say  "Thanks again to Larry and Andy, we made a great team and the PTR staff were amazingly helpful and supportive both in promoting the event and helpful use with all the practical details (including giving us an hour+ on the 3 indoor courts to make sure we could host the tournament during the rainy weather). With any luck next year we can grow the tournament and play outside."

Roll on 2014



Special thanks from touchtennis go to Paul Allam, Andy Dowsett, Larry Haugness, Julie & Amanda from the PTR for making this event happen.

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